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07/11/2018 - City Council reaches agreement with Smylie Brothers, moves forward with new proposal process
Fleming, who voted against the resolution, said the city should continue to talk with Smylie Brothers about a better solution.

07/10/2018 - City Council approves removal of arrest records from city website after 14-day period
Fleming moved to amend the resolution to have administrative adjudication records follow the same new guidelines for arrest records. According to the city website, administrative adjudication records include tickets, notice of violations or complaints from the city.

06/28/2018 - Evanston Raises Debt Limit By $37 Million To Fund Robert Crown
"It is my goal that we would look to thoroughly examine a pay-as-you-go capital improvement plan; consider liquidating city assets (like the recycling center), and imposing spending restrictions. Without such measures in place and our shared commitment to not increase taxes, we risk a repeat of Crown – a major capital need without sufficient financing options."
Mayor Steve Hagerty said he agreed with Fleming's statement.

06/27/2018 - City Increases Debt Limit, Approves $85 Million in Bond Issues for 2018, 2019
“Increasing our debt limits puts us at risk for decreased credit rating, potentially paying higher interest rates, and the ability to borrow less money in the future. It is my goal that we would look to thoroughly examine a pay-as-you-go capital improvement plan, consider liquidating City assets (like the Recycling Center), and imposing spending restrictions.”

06/20/2018 - Evanston celebrates Juneteenth at Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center
“I would dare to say that many black people, particularly ones that live here in our liberal city of Evanston, live under a false sense of freedom."

05/30/2018 - Robert Crown - Groundbreaking in Sight But the Bottom Line Continues to Soar
“This is a lot of money,” said Alderman Cicely Fleming, 9th Ward. She said she would like to “have a discussion” about “generating more revenue.” Revenue could come from the sale of City assets, said Ald. Fleming, citing the approved but not yet completed sale of the library parking lot as one such source...“What about our parking lot?” said Ald. Fleming. “I don’t know that as a City we need to be in the parking deck business. … I know that in south Evanston we don’t even have facilities for our youth.” 

05/30/20128 - Aldermen discuss new possibilities for Oakton Street property
Ald. Cicely Fleming (9th) said she was inclined to sell the property and see what developers have to offer. She said the property could be a “huge investment” for the council, helping the city’s finances after years of debt.“I don’t like the idea with going with just a restaurant,” Fleming said. “I would also like to leave it open to see what the market would bring us.” 

05/29/2018 - Committee expands Divvy use to income-eligible residents
“I go back to my initial concern with Divvy, which is that it’s not really accessible to a lot of people in the city. On the other hand, then we’re not necessarily ready as a council to say, ‘Go ahead and buy three new stations.’”

05/15/2018 - Council approves ordinance to expunge juvenile criminal records
Since the ordinance passed, Ald. Cicely Fleming (9th) said she wants to ensure the Evanston Police Department communicates that the new ordinances exist and informs the public in how to utilize them.

05/10/2018 - City releases priority-based budget survey
The survey "is a start. We’re talking about cutting services, potentially cutting jobs, and if we’re not very clear, particularly on the equity and who it serves … we potentially look at cutting services for folks who might not come to community meetings, might not do the survey, (people) we might not ever hear from until we cut their service.”

05/08/2018 - Human Services hears update from citizens police complaint committee
Ald. Cicely Fleming (9th) had first raised the issue in March, when she pointed out that the records were searchable online. She had requested a review of the city’s posting of the Daily Crime Bulletins and the length of time they should be made available to the public. 

05/06/2018 - Evanston may consider city service cuts, eliminations as FY19 deficit could top $9M
Ald. Cicely Fleming, 9th Ward, expressed concern that social services for low income residents may be cut because those residents are not as vocal as others in town.

05/02/2018Parking Controversy Erupts During Call of the Wards
“I'm puzzled that we're having a huge debate about an aldermanic motion. I feel like other aldermen make motions I don't necessarily agree with or feel like are beneficial, but I don't say, particularly from the dais, don't make that motion. We are not to start voting on whether or not an elected official can make a request for information. Aldermen should not hinder the work of other aldermen because they decide the request unworthy."

05/02/2018 - City to Ask Residents: 'What Programs Should We Cut?'
Residents and aldermen need “more information if we’re asking people to rank things. People need to know how much money, and as a result how much tax burden could be avoided, by cutting a program."

05/01/2018 - 'Brothel Law' Debate In Evanston To Continue In Committee
Ald. Cicely Fleming, 9th Ward, said her constituents were in favor of repealing the rule to increase access to housing in Evanston.

04/30/2018 - Aldermen place ‘brothel law’ discussion on committee’s agenda
“There are people who have space they’d like to rent out or have a roommate and such who are trying to abide by the three-unrelated. I’m concerned if we wait for a year, then we potentially limit people’s ability to stay in Evanston or have affordable housing, even in the wards that are outside of Northwestern.”

04/24/2018 - Council approves union contracts with police, firefighters
“City residents are starting to understand that we are looking at some more deficits this year, so I’m hopeful that our union staff will be mindful of that as we implement these contracts. I’m sure that our staff will be aggressively taking on these union contracts next year so we can make sure the taxpayers who are not in unions will be able to stay in our town.”

04/13/2018 - Aldermen approve grant to Mudlark Theater to diversify staff
"In the city overall we need to do a deeper dive into how we’re looking at equity, what the importance of it is and how we’re implementing it throughout the city."

04/12/2018 - Community leaders: District 65 should better serve black students
"Here in Evanston we somewhat think … we are racially in balance and everyone is singing Kumbaya. We have to always be the ones to remind people that that is not the experience that a lot of people, particularly our students, are having in our schools.”

03/31/2018 - Evanston leaders predict $3M shortfall for FY19; will seek residents' input on potential city service cuts
Ald. Cicely Fleming, 9th Ward, said she appreciated the foresight and the time to seek community input before tough budget decisions come this fall.

03/27/2018 - Black residents in Evanston subjected to more stop-and-frisk encounters than any other group, police chief says
Ald. Cicely Fleming, 9th Ward, said she has heard from residents who said they had unfortunate run-ins with officers when they did not commit a crime.

03/06/2018 - Aldermen discuss possibly removing arrest records from city website
“I’m a big believer in once a person has committed whatever crime they have or served whatever time or paid whatever fee, there’s no reason particularly for us as a city to continue to advertise that."

03/06/2018 - Aldermen delay action on proposed additional panhandling regulations
“I would like us to look more at what we can do to reach out to these folks who are out there, and try to make sure we can get them connected with whatever resources are available.”

02/27/2018 - City to institute hiring policy for applicants with criminal records
Ald. Cicely Fleming (9th spearheaded the efforts to update the city’s policy, and city staff met with her and interested community members to gather input on current best practices, according to city documents.

02/26/2018 - Council Approves Nearly $1.4 Million for Howard Street Theater Project
"...I do represent more than just myself, and I have heard from constituents concerned about spending."
At committee, Alderman Tom Suffredin, 6th Ward, also expressed concerns about future change orders and the overall cost of the project, joining Ald. Fleming in voting no.

02/25/2018 - Aldermen to review landlord assistance program, criminal record hiring policy at City Council0
“We have city funds that taxpayers give us so we … have to be very diligent about (how we spend them), so this is one way in which we’re trying to help.”

01/30/2018 - Mistaken identity led to the wrongful detainment of Evanston man, who says cops left him injured and unable to work
"My expectation is all of our citizens are treated with respect within our city."

01/29/2018 - Aldermen request revision of landlord assistance program
Ald. Cicely Fleming (9th) also suggested the program place a cap on the number of times an owner can apply for funding to make more resources available for more landlords.

01/24/2018 - Aldermen approve one-year Divvy contract extension
Fleming said ... she was also concerned about the cost to the city to run Divvy. She said she would be interested in a “pretty aggressive” plan to increase ridership or decrease the number of stations.

01/23/2018 - City Council approves fund to reimburse low-income firefighter applicants
Ald. Cicely Fleming (9th) told The Daily that she supported the proposal as a way to overcome cost barriers in diversifying the force, as applicants are required to take the tests before they can be added to EFD’s recruitment lists.

01/17/2018 - District 65 board members express concern after downward trend in test scores
At the meeting, Ald. Cicely Fleming (9th), founder of the Organization for Positive Action and Leadership, said she was frustrated the district had failed to address the achievement gap.

01/10/2018 - Two Aldermen Appointed to NLC Positions
This is a great opportunity to bring the best in thought to Evanston and show our residents that Evanston can be a Midwestern leader in Municipal Equity"

12/17/2017 - Senior Taxicab Coupon Program Changing
Alderman Cicely Fleming, 9th Ward, said her concern was seniors would run out of debit card funding before a month ended. “Is there a way we can help them?” she asked, seeking education on budgeting.

12/13/2017 - Library Budget Passes Despite Scare
"I would have preferred other cuts that don’t impact residents but were a little more internal.”

12/12/2017 - Aldermen approve Evanston’s fiscal year 2018 operating budget
“We have a budget deficit. We’ve had departments make a four percent cut. I know the library is not a department but I had hoped they’d also make a cut. Not a cut that would impact services but a cut that is going to help all of the residents to remain in Evanston and not be financially burdened."

12/12/2017 - City Council Approves 2018 Budget, Library Tax Levy, FOIA Policy
"I think in this age of lack of trust of government, I think it's better to put what we can online."

11/30/2017 - Evanston aldermen to library director: Cut at least $1 million from spending proposal
"Everyone is being asked to make cuts. I have trouble going to the taxpayers for so much."

11/29/2017 - Aldermen vote to approve tax on vacation rentals, Airbnb properties
“I know that one gentleman who has an Airbnb in my ward has it because he has a child in college. He is trying to supplement his income to pay for that and also offset the recent tax increase we all felt. To tax him and not tax a commercial (bed-and-breakfast) is just not fair.”

11/29/2017 - Library Seeks Increases in Capital Operations
“I would ask the Library not to do the full scope of their work. I’m concerned about the Shore School building [on Church Street at McDaniel Avenue, now vacant], and parks, and tuck-pointing at the Service Center."

11/28/2017 - Dispute Over 8.6 Percent Hike To Library Tax Levy Delays Budget
"My vote is based on what I believe is financial responsibility. I don't feel comfortable getting us so close to our debt limit – although I understand that we can raise it – but I know that we're also trying to not raise taxes."

11/15/2017 - Narrow 5-4 Vote Greenlights 15-Story Albion Development
“It has been disheartening to me as a lifelong Evanstonian to hear this conversation. ... It is frustrating me to hear that people who care about affordable housing put it all on this building."

11/14/2017 - Aldermen pave way for controversial 15-story building in downtown Evanston
"It's really frustrating to hear people who generally care about affordable housing and diversity to blame it all on this one building. I understand change and people not liking everything. But I also understand that we are a community and everything is not for everybody."

10/24/2017 - Evanston officials align local 'welcoming city' ordinance with new state law
"We are dealing with people who are undocumented and we are dealing with a (federal) administration that is not friendly" to undocumented residents. "We will continue to make sure everyone who is here legally or illegally will feel welcome."

10/17/2017 - Aldermen allow city clerk to retain FOIA role, further examine publicizing information
“My overall concern is to make sure that in using NextRequest and being very transparent as a city is that we also balance that and don’t overshoot and lose protection..."

10/10/2017 - City Council amends ‘welcoming city’ ordinance, broadens protections for undocumented residents
“I do want us to be a welcoming city for all people. (For) African Americans, we do have some work to do to feel totally welcome here. I’m still working to bridge that divide."

10/04/2017 - At Fire Ops 101, Officials and Media Reps Find Smoke Gets in Their Eyes
"I’m making decisions about the city, so I should know what people’s experiences are. This is a major part of our City. I don’t want to make decisions based on what I think the job is like or based on assumptions. It’s important to have perspective."

08/21/2017 - 'Why are we arresting a 12-year-old?' Father questions if race prompted son's arrest in Evanston
"I hold our police department to a very high standard. I am committed to making sure we do a full investigation, which does ideally include an apology for the behavior that was displayed to your son."

08/20/2017 - Evanston police undergoing internal investigation following arrest of black 12-year-old cyclist
“Obviously as a parent, if you read the headline, that’s disheartening, but I don’t want to say what’s right and what’s wrong without looking at everything. If the finding is that our procedures were not followed, it is my job as an elected official to make sure that doesn’t happen again, whether that means changing policies or making a new policy.”

08/09/2017 - Committee Calls for Action on Equity
“My concern is, how can this data be useful?”

08/09/2017 - Police Arrest Middle School Bike Riders
Alderman Cicely Fleming, 9th Ward, said she would ask the Chief for the demographic information broken down as requested by Ms. Barry, as much information as could be provided given the fact those arrested were juveniles.

05/11/2017 - Historic diversity on new City Council, school boards
“It’s great to have more diversity by race and gender, because you have different perspectives on the board. My goal would be that by having more diverse perspectives, we will be able to serve the city’s needs and also represent the city better, because obviously the city is diverse in a lot of different ways.”

05/09/2017 - Evanston welcomes 80th City Council
New members of council include Mayor Steve Hagerty, City Clerk Devon Reid, Ald. Robin Rue Simmons (5th), Ald. Tom Suffredin (6th) and Ald. Cicely Fleming (9th).

04/20/2017 - Local representatives encourage political engagement in residents
“We live in a diverse city, but we are segregated."

04/19/2017 - Second equity town hall sees low attendance
“Is this another window-dressing opportunity for us to all come together and say we’re a great city and then we check the box and get another award, or is this is an actual substantive position?” 

04/17/2017 - New equity coordinator leads town hall discussion
Cicely Fleming, who was recently elected 9th Ward alderman, expressed concern about placing an emphasis on diversifying conversations; she said it is just as important to ensure that the marginalized groups are heard.

04/06/2017 - Newly elected aldermen look to collaborate on city-wide issues, advocate for their wards
“The 9th (Ward) is one within the bigger city. We have some unique needs. On City Council … I have to think of the health of the city and its residents overall.”

04/05/2017 - Three new aldermen elected to City Council, 6 to serve another term
Fleming said in February that her motivation to run for political office came after feeling frustrated with some of the decisions City Council has made over the years, particularly concerning the fees and taxes Evanston imposes.

04/03/2017 - Evanston Schools Push Tax Hike As State Rethinks How To Fund Education
“We still have a huge achievement gap by race.”

02/17/2017 - D65 academic progress report indicates persistent racial disparities
Cicely Fleming, president of the Organization for Positive Action and Leadership, said the district needs to implement a racial equity policy to increase opportunity for students of color. According to the report, there is a 56 percent disparity between black and white student subgroups meeting college readiness benchmarks.

02/07/2017 - Ninth Ward aldermanic candidate encourages students to engage in local politics
“We are at risk of losing federal funding based on Trump’s statements, so our City Council will have to make a decision. Do we stick to what we’ve committed to our refugee population to protect them, or is that going to squeeze us too much financially?”

04/13/2016 - Evanston Township High School/District 202 board president speaks on race in education
“We want people to be educated — but then be empowered to take the next step and take action."