Sandy Johnson,
Mental Health Board Chair, Evanston

"Cicely is a committed member of Evanston’s Mental Health Board. She is always prepared to our meetings and is clearly committed to improving the lives of all of our residents in Evanston. Cicely is a stellar champion for the disenfranchised and the City is fortunate to have her advocacy."  

Delores Holmes, 
5th Ward Alderman, Evanston

"Evanston born and raised in a family that always had a strong community service focus; Cicely surely has service, activism, and passion in her DNA. Since returning to Evanston she has been active in mobilizing community members to stand up and be responsible for what is happening in the community, don't wait for someone else to do it, do what you can.  I love that she looks at everything with an equity  lenses and insist that we all do the same."

Jane Grover, 
Former Alderman, 

"Cicely understands both the broad landscape of Evanston's challenges and opportunities, and masters its details. She is not just a close observer of City Government. Cicely is actively engaged in our neighborhoods and schools, working for responsible and equitable stewardship of this community's resources. Cicely will be a solid addition to the Evanston City Council." 

Rebecca Sive, 
Author; Professor;
Political Expert

"Based on my experience working with women political leaders from Evanston and Chicago for three decades, I recommend Cicely Fleming as the next alderman of Evanston's 9th ward. She is just what's needed right now. That's because everyone benefits when women who understand their communities and the families in them and work on their behalf have the authority to address community concerns and convert them into public policies that work for everyone. Cicely will be this kind of alderman. I hope you will join me in supporting her."

Lisa Todd,
Relations Manager; 
Connections for the Homeless

"Cicely made an immediate impression on me when she volunteered in our
homeless drop in program. She easily moved between compassionate listener
and boundary setter. She advocated for us to others in the community and
worked hard, always doing something extra during her shift.  She spoke to
everyone who came through the door and I noted her genuine shock and sadness
when she saw childhood acquaintances seeking our services. I learned from
Cicely what it means to be an Evanstonian. She grew up here. She is grateful
for the opportunities that Evanston provided her and wants that all to be
true not only for her own children, but for everyone. She wants to help
Evanston live up to its ideal self. Her everyday interactions, whether with
PTA members or homeless neighbors proves that out."

Dori Mendoza,
Founder of Human Success Factor; Youth/Adult Job & Career Coach; 
9th Ward Resident

“Now more than ever, it’s not just about who can do the job, it’s about who will do their best to represent you, your values and concerns. Cicely is already doing the tasks of the job and has produced positive results on a variety of issues including equity in education, city funding and employment. She does this as an unpaid volunteer because she cares and is available to do it.  She was born and raised in Evanston, and is a mother who is adored and respected by her family and neighbors. In addition to her experience including working in the City’s Economic Development Department, she has the appropriate education, certification and relationships with many community leaders to do this job well. Vote for Cicely because we deserve a qualified and compassionate advocate; someone who listens, acts and gets results.”

Julie Nelson,
National Expert on Racial Equity in Government

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cicely (Fleming) on issues of race and equity in Evanston and across the region.  She has a strong vision of a truly equitable and fair Evanston. And beyond vision, she has the hands on, pragmatic skill to get work done. She not only has inspiring ideas, she moves good ideas into reality. Evanston would be fortunate to have her as an Alderperson.

Wendy Yanow &
Mark Antman
9th Ward Residents


Cicely is an incredibly smart, energetic and experienced community activist.   She is the founder of OPAL - The Organization for Positive Action & Leadership. OPAL is the organization which has lead to Evanston's deepening understanding of equity in the context of K-8 education. Cicely's ability to organize for and about our community is exactly what we need on City Council and supporting community-focused candidates like Cicely is exactly what we need to do in these trying times. 

Fred Meyer, 
9th Ward Resident

While listening to Barack Obama's Farewell Address, I thought of your campaign. I find our values and positions on various societal issues, as detailed on your website and in out conversations, very much aligned with President Obama. I like the alignment. I salute you for taking on the different public roles that you have. So many people are consumed with blaming leaders, but don't want to take their share of responsibility for the state of affairs. I am happy to support your campaign!

Biz Lindsay-Ryan; 
Diversity & Inclusion
9th Ward Resident

I have lived in the 9th ward since 2003 and will be casting my vote for Cicely Fleming. I am fortunate to have my life intersect with Cicely’s personally and professionally. Cicely shares my commitment to equity and justice that hasn’t been realized in Evanston. She sees the big picture, works towards a bold vision, understands the relationships between entities around town, and works towards meaningful change.  She can navigate complex issues and engages in efforts that address important systemic issues. She is persistent, dependable and willing to hold folks accountable. If Evanston is to be an equitable place, I believe you need representation from various communities in positions of power to make that happen.  You need people willing to ask difficult questions, have hard conversation, and to work hard.  I know Cicely will be these things.  Cicely will bring that same level of dedication to all constituent concerns. She will LISTEN and ACT but she can only do that if she gets ELECTED.  For these reasons, and more, Cicely has my vote.  Please join me in voting for her in April.