My Thoughts on the Issues

Several community organizations asked candidates to provide detailed answers on local topics as a way to engage voters. While it can be difficult to completely express my thoughts in writing and give concrete answers to some what hypothetical situations, I am happy to share my full answers with you. 

The Evanston Roundtable & The League of Women Voters produced a Voters Guide in their 3/9/17 paper. (Due to a limited word count, some of my answers were cut short). The full questionnaire can be read here

The Democratic Party of Evanston's candidate questionnaire was produced at their endorsements session last month and can be read here (the DPOE did not endorse a candidate in the 9th Ward race)

Citizen's Greener Evanston asked candidate questions around their mission of creating a more sustainable community. My answers to their questions can be found on their website

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about any of my statements, please email me at I take very seriously your trust in my ability to represent the 9th Ward and am open to hearing and learning from different perspectives in the community. 

House Party

Supporters of the campaign have generously opened their homes to allow me an opportunity to meet their friends and neighbors - I have had the honor of being hosted at over 15 9th Ward gatherings. I truly appreciate all who have welcomed me into their homes, helped me get the word out to their neighbors and friends, and allowed me to present my platform and vision for Evanston.  The questions and conversations have been enlightening and inspiring - and I remain as committed as ever to making good on my promise to represent all of the 9th Ward on City Council should I get elected on April 4th.  If you haven't made it out to a party, go to the Events page on the site and come see us at the next one.  


9th Ward Newsletter

Communication is key to the role of an Alderman. As I am in the neighborhood, I have learned that many people are unaware of decisions being made at City Hall. To keep the residents connected, I published a 9th Ward Newsletter, which if elected, I will continue to do.  In addition to a newsletters I will host regular ward meetings, have an online presence, and organize an advisory board to keep all community members active in the decisions that effect their lives. 

Check out the newsletter

Firefighters Endorse Cicely for 9th

I am humbled to receive the support of The Evanston Firefighters Association Local 742.  I had a great meeting with them exchanging thoughts and ideas and I am encouraged by their support in the upcoming election.  Safety is a concern of a lot of the voters I've been speaking with and our firefighters are on the front lines of ensuring that our ward and our city are safe.  I'll make them proud if I'm elected.  

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Connecting with Northwestern

What an asset we have in Evanston having Northwestern University in our backyard.  I had the opportunity today to connect with some NU students to discuss local politics and town-gown relations.  If elected, I intend to make sure that The City and Northwestern are working closely together to improve our community and to provide opportunities for our citizens to experience everything that Northwestern has to offer.  

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