Alderwoman Cicely L. Fleming is a dedicated community advocate and a founding member of The Organization for Positive Action and Leadership (OPAL), a group committed to promoting equity in government. Fleming has served the community as a PTA President, a member of Evanston’s Mental Health Board, and as a volunteer at Connections for the Homeless.

An experienced and resourceful community advocate, Cicely has a record of community involvement and conflict resolution. Cicely builds cohesion among community groups and members to find creative and productive solutions for issues with city ordinances and school district policies. 

She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from DePaul University, with academic and personal interests in policy development & analysis;  asset-based community development; voter engagement & mobilization; and racial equity in government.

An Evanston native, Alderwoman Fleming enjoys raising her three children here along with her husband Andrew. Outside of serving on City Council, Cicely enjoys reading, running, spending time friends, and community organizing. 

    9th Ward Alderwoman Candidate Cicely L. Fleming

    Areas of Expertise:

    • community service coordination
    • local state and federal agency operations
    • interfacing with people of diverse backgrounds
    • public speaking and presentation
    • creative thinking and problem-solving


    Alderwoman Fleming sits on the following committees:

    Human Services - The duties of this committee include matters relating to the Department of Health and Human Services (including: public health, mental health, general and emergency assistance); community purchased services, aging, youth, liaison with the human service-related boards and commissions, private and public organizations funding or providing human services within the City, and matters relating to the arts, recreation, library, environment, unemployment, unified budgeting, the Farmers' Market, and Police services; Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA") Grievance Appeals relating to Title II of the ADA (Accessibility). 

    Citizens Police Accountability - To review all formal and informal citizen complaints against sworn and non-sworn members of the Police Department; that review to include details of the incident, allegations and statements made by the complainant, witness statements, officer statements and reports, and any relevant audio/video evidence.  Committee members who review these materials weigh their findings in the content of departmental policies and general orders with which they are thoroughly conversant, and past decisions of the Chief of Police.  Committee members then recommend a disposition of the matter to the Chief of Police, for approval/modification as final arbiter.  

    Administration & Public Works - Matters relating to the bills and purchases; budget policy; finance; fire; legal; licensing; personnel; public works, including: streets and alleys, lighting, refuse disposal, water and sewers, traffic control, and parking; public buildings, public transportation; public utilities; safety (including civil defense); liaison with the police and fire pension boards; and capital improvements.

    Parking & Transportation - The Committee shall study the intermediate and long term parking and transportation needs of the City, with consideration of environmental issues and shall provide to the City Council recommendations to solve parking and transportation problems. (13-R-15).

    Alternatives to Arrest - View details on the City of Evanston website >